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True Crime Book

Are You Looking For A New True Crime Book That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat From Page One?

Murder, mayhem, abuse, deception, pain, and even a stint in San Quinton State Prison. David Crow's true crime book is considered one of the top selling books of its kind for a good reason. Readers can't help but to share it with their friends and book club after picking up the page turner. Top selling books will keep the reader captivated and the reviews for this work are in. The work is described as cinematic, gripping, and hard-hitting. Do not take the reviews as the end-all, pick up a copy and find out yourself why this gritty tale of abuse and growth starting at a Navajo Reservation in the fifties is one of the best true crime books of the decade.

If you are looking for a new true crime book for your book club then check out The Pale-Faced Lie and prepare to have countless key-points to discuss and debate. The author is often available for Zoom conferences as well, to add an extra element of intrigue to your event. David did not set out to write one of the top selling books of the era, he just told the truth of his childhood, his father's crimes, and his mother's struggles with mental illness. The result is a tome that critics cannot seem to get enough of. Find out why and get your copy of Pale-Faced Lie wherever books are sold, including Walmart, Amazon, the author's webpage. Be sure to pass the book on to your friends and write a review if you enjoy it. If you have any questions about the events in the book or David's path to healing the author tries to be available for zoom calls occasionally.

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