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The Pale-Faced Lie is an excellent choice for book clubs. This award-winning memoir is immensely engaging, appeals to a wide audience, and touches on a range on topics, including domestic abuse, family relationships, resilience, forgiveness, self-determination, and Native American culture and history. 

Here is a list of suggested book club questions, designed to delve into some of the most moving topics in David Crow’s true story and to draw out the different perspectives of readers. Please note: The book club questions are intended for people who have read and finished The Pale-Faced Lie

David loves to connect with readers. He will appear at book club meetings to discuss his best-selling memoir free of charge for groups of 10 or more. The details: 

  • Please contact David’s publisher, Sandra Jonas Publishing, at least one month in advance of your preferred date to schedule the author appearance and attend to all the arrangements.

  • Here is a recommended flow, but it can be modified: The book club host introduces David (brief biographical information will be provided), he does a brief reading and replies to three to five previously submitted questions, and then members ask him additional questions. David’s participation in the meeting will last up to 60 minutes.

  • The meetings will be conducted on the Zoom platform and be facilitated by the book club. If members are gathered together in person, the meeting space must be quiet and the host should ensure that audio and visual setup are adequate. 

  • If the book club is in the DC metro area, David would be happy to join the meeting live and sign books if the members are open to that.

  • A representative of the publisher may join the meeting.


Print copies of The Pale-Faced Lie are available at a discounted rate to book clubs that order 10 or more copies directly from the publisher. For more information, please send an inquiry to

The Pale-Faced Lie
DAVID CROW is the author of the award-winning memoir
The Pale-Faced Lie, a riveting story about family, survival,
and the healing power of forgiveness.
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