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Motivational Writer

Growing Up In A Culture Of Survival Provides David Crow The Experience To Be a Powerful Motivational Writer.

Non-fictional writer David Crow has diligently conveyed the truth as he remembers it from the lens of a child, a teen, and a young adult dealing with an abusive parent and manipulative and deeply delusional crime leader. His tale starts as a helpless child and evolves into an adult who knows better and tries to find a solution. From page one, you will wonder how he and his siblings will turn out. The book is compelling because it is true and riveting because you have to keep turning the pages to see what happens next to the family at the hands of complete manipulation and control. Motivation comes from the fact that he not only survived his experience but turned into a generally successful positive human.

If you are in search of an interesting motivational writer to speak at your event or to interact with your book club contact David Crow to inquire about availability. His message is important and most who read his book want to learn more. Those who have experienced childhood trauma can relate deeply to the stories within and the redemption. Those who work with children find a better understanding through the pages of an adult telling of his abuse when he was most vulnerable. No matter your walk in life the tale is surprisingly compelling and motivational. Even if it does qualify as gut-wrenching at times. You do not have to read his best selling novel to enjoy and be inspired by his talk, but it will add to the experience. Contact David through his website to schedule a Zoom meeting, arrange him for your conference, or for any other related needs.

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