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Motivational Speaker

David Crow Is a Motivational Speaker With Real Experience.

Great pain and horrific experiences in childhood can result in many outcomes. Some people become more guarded, some people repeat the cycle of pain to the next line of children, and others try to grow from the experience and help others. David Crow did not write his riveting true crime book about his childhood until he found his way through the journey of true forgiveness for his parents. This makes the tale written in The Pale-Faced Lie rich, heartbreaking, honest, and motivational like few others. Personal growth can only come from true introspection, hindsight, and forgiveness. The novel at hand lays out the journey with a starkness that may be considered bold.

If you are in search of a skilled motivational speaker for your next event, contact author David Crow to schedule his time. He is surprisingly inspirational and positive despite his childhood and his story makes him one of the best inspirational speakers in the region. Positivism and truth with a large dose of American history blended in is what you will find with David Crow. Whether you can relate because you have been vulnerable at the hands of evil, because mental illness is a familiar battle in your family tree, or because you work with children who are affected by some of the same demons in the story you will find inspiration and motivation in the gritty pages of Pale-faced Lie and in the words of David Crow as a keynote motivational speaker. Contact him today to see if he is available for your conference, book club, or another event.

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