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True Crime Author

Are You Ready For A New Captivating Book By True Crime Author David Crow?

David Crow's true crime book The Pale-Faced Lie will bring you down the dark halls of child abuse yet deliver you to freedom and even redemption of sorts through the captivating true story about the author's childhood under the reign of a cruel controlling father and mentally ill mother. There are many facets of this story that make it a can't be missed novel, the reader is permitted a peek into a Navajo Indian Reservation through the eyes of a young boy during the fifties and sixties, and the growth of the author alone is inspiring.

Life cannot be summed up in a stack of words, and each tale is only a reflection of the author, but David Crow has worked hard to tell the tale of the first part of his life with brutal honesty. His story is not one of anger, but a reflection of events and his reaction to them as he grew up and away from those toxic roots. Anyone with a difficult childhood knows that the struggle to heal is complex as your feelings towards your family and the intertangled ties that will always exist in the psyche. In David Crow's case, his father's toxic and abusive behavior did not end when he moved away as an adult. His father showed true evil intent and plotted the deepest crimes with and against his own children. The Pale-Faced Lie is worthy of your time and a captivating book for a book club selection that is looking for a great read on the topic of healing, child abuse, growth, and mental illness.

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