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Award Winning Author

Award Winning Author David Crow Puts Raw Truth On Paper For Readers.

True stories can be hard to pull off, even for the best of writers. Award winning writer David Crow has lived a life worthy of telling, and he has managed to pull off telling his story in a compelling way that leaves the reader wanting to know more about his situation. A true novel can be a heart wrenching and cathartic experience to write and to read when it is done correctly. David Crow has worked his whole life to understand his parents and his complex childhood. Reviews for the work include phrases like "truthful and ultimately empowering" and "disturbing yet captivating". The work deserves the buzz.

What qualifies Pale-Faced Lie writer David Crow to be called an award winning author? He has had the honors of receiving: The Spur Award twice for Best Western First Nonfiction Book and Best Western Contemporary Nonfiction, an IPPT Silver Award in the categories of Memoir, Coming of Age, Next Generation, The Indie Book Award for Best Memoir, Overcoming Adversity and The International Book Award for Best True Crime.

You can find Pale-Faced Lie at Amazon, Walmart, IndieBound, B & N, and most places books are sold. If you would like to feature the book at your next book club meeting you may want to consider contacting David for a Zoom meeting to discuss certain aspects and add a bit of richness to the experience. Most people who come from a childhood of trauma will find truths in the book that they may want to discuss further, many people finish the book with questions for the author regardless of whether they can relate to the tale at all.

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